Corinth ChRIstian Church
900 Skinnersburg Rd
Stamping Ground, KY 40379
(502) 535-9064

Corinth Christian Church (aka Skull Buster Church) is a small community church with the emphasis on teaching God’s Holy Word from the Bible with guidance from Pastor Heath Sherman.

Our regular attendance is 75 to 80 per week.  Children are very special to our church because they are our future.  We have Children’s Church that involves them in study of God's Word and activities.  There are sometimes as many as 10-15 children.

Our outreach is extended to many charities to include: seniors, families in need, Amen House and others in need on special basis.  Special events thru-out the year include: many meals at the church, events at church, outings with children and the Youth Group, and dinner outings for the church family, sometimes with other activities.
Sunday Services
10:00     Sunday School
11:00     Church Services
6:00pm  Special Services
Date:  24 Apr 2016                 Attendance Today:    79
BOARD MEETING  Every 2nd Sunday After Church
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Pastor.................Heath Sherman
Song Leader.......Sue Ward
Pianist.................Jr Wright
MAY & OCT  Amen House Food Drive.
MINISTERS   1833 - 2016
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP  History (not current)
APRIL Birthdays      Red Numbers =Anniversary
2    Barbara Burge } 8-20
5    Polly Wise
11  Daniel McDowell
21  Easton Wright
27  Ruby McDowell
29  Ann Glass
29  Faith Smedley
GOD knows unspoken prayer requests
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BACKPACK MINISTRY  Single servings needed, Granolas, Any Breakfast Bars, Mac/Cheese, Fruit Cups, Small Peanut Butter
5 JUNE Church Picnic @ Stamping Ground Pavilion
                            See Him on the cross,
His eyes of love looking down on all who stood and watched His pain. As they mocked Him and they scrouged Him, God turned His eyes away while high and lifted up, He took the blame.

High and lifted up-the loving Savior, High and lifted for all to see, Hanging, dying on the cross for you and me, High and lifted up on Calvary.
30 April  Parents Time-Out. Kids will play games and watch movies at church with Carlie and other chaperones 3:00 - 7:00. There will supper for the children. bring a friend with you and enjoy the fun.
25 Sept Friends Day. Mark-it-on-your-calender. don't forget to invite your friends and neighbor.